Are You Using A Truly Green Cookware? Find out

The truly green cookware would be the one that cooks food in a way that keeps not just the food healthy but also the environment. But the irony is – most cookware that come labelled as ‘green’ are neither good for the health of food nor the environment. This is because they contaminate the food while cooking and pollute the environment in different ways from start to finish. Out of numerous choices available out there, let’s find out which one truly qualifies as the best green cookware: 

How Conventional Cookware Affect The Environment? 

Metals and alloys seem like every manufacturer’s favorite these days mainly because of their durability. No doubt, they make the most durable pots and pans but is it all that matters? What about their effect on the environment? Here’s how they cause damage to the planet’s health in different ways: 


The mining of mineral ores to extract metals demands cutting of trees on a large scale which not only disrupts the eco-balance but also cause extinction of wildlife from that area. No wonder a number of species that were an integral part of the food chain have been permanently extinct today. The thought itself is scary because every being living on this earth is an integral part of the environment. The absence of a single species can cause disastrous effects in the long run, which we may not be able to foresee at the moment. 


The process of extraction of metals from mineral ores releases a lot of toxic waste in the form of solid, liquid and gas that poison the nearby air, water resources and land. This affects the plantation, wildlife and people living nearby equally. The fertility of soil is reduced and the crops grown in it turn out to be contaminated as well. The people, animals and birds living in vicinity suffer severe health issues that are mostly incurable. 


The finishing of most cookware like metals, ceramics, alloys etc. call for use of dangerous chemicals that release fumes into the air and pollute it. Also the people who work with these chemicals often suffer respiratory disorders and infection of lungs. Imagine what these chemicals would do to the food cooked in these pots? 

Why Pure Clay Makes Truly Green Cookware? 

Pure clay (unglazed primary clay) is an all-natural material which is time tested by one civilization after another and is still the first choice of healthy cooks. This is because pure clay is free from any kind of toxins, chemicals and is naturally inert. The whole process of making cookware from clay is in complete harmony with the environment. 

First of all, pure clay is harvested (not mined) from the earth’s surface and it doesn’t affect the plantation because it is so tightly held together that nothing can grow in it anyway. It is harvested from 8-10 feet below ground level so it is free from any pollutants lying on the surface. 

Secondly, the processing of clay to make cookware doesn’t involve use of chemicals. The makers still follow the good old-fashioned method of throwing clay on the potter’s wheel and make pots and pans from it using skillful hands. 

Lastly, the pots and pans are finished using a natural material – terra sigillata, which is also a form of natural clay and doesn’t contain chemicals. Making this eco-friendly cookware from pure clay only has healthy effects and no bad effects on the natural resources, wildlife or people working with it during the manufacturing process. This is the reason pure clay pots and pans are the only and best green cookware available out there. 

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