The Perfect Slow Cooker – Non-toxic & Eco friendly

As we trend more into healthier ways of living and cooking, it’s a good time to take a long and hard look at the cookware we use in our kitchens. If you are not aware of this already, you should know that the cooking pot is as important to the health and nutritional value of the food as the food itself. Why? Because cooking healthy ingredients in a toxic pot that leaches chemicals and metals is of no value. And such pots don’t cook food by retaining nutrients. The nutrients are dead by the end of the slow cooking process. 

So, if cooking for health, you need to consider the pot and choose the one that makes the perfect slow cooker! 

The Perfect Slow CookerIs it non-toxic? 

Not many are aware that cooking pots made from metals, their alloys and glazed with chemicals containing metal compounds (like ceramics) leach toxic metal ions at cooking temperature. These react with nutrients present in food to form toxic compounds that slowly accumulate in cells, tissues, blood and organs eventually causing diseases of all kinds! 

The harsh near infrared heat from these conventional pots also destroys delicate nutrients during long hours of slow cooking like complex carbs, flavonoids, phytonutrients etc. – that’s one more way these pots are toxic to the food’s health. Can these pots make the best slow cooker? Not really. 

The Perfect Slow Cooker: Which is 100% non-toxic? 

A raw material that is naturally free from toxins and is time honored for being the healthiest for cookware is pure clay. Miriam’s Earthen Cookware (MEC) – an all-American company makes pots and pans from unglazed primary clay (or pure clay) without using any chemicals, glazes, enamels or any mechanized process that call for use of chemicals. These pots and pans are hand-made by adopting the old-fashioned yet the healthiest way of throwing clay on potter’s wheel and using skillful hands to shape it into cooking pots. This is why they qualify to be called the best slow cookers. 

Also, they keep delicate nutrients intact by cooking food with gentle far infrared heat, thus cooking the most nutritious food – something a conventional crock pot can never achieve! 

The Perfect Slow Cooker: Is it eco-friendly? 

Why eco-friendly? Let me explain: 

As we move further and further away from nature, and start using things made in a manner that is detrimental and damaging to the planet, that damage will eventually show up in our systems. The ageold phrase – what goes around comes around has never made more sense as it does in this case. For example, we create and cause carcinogens in the earth, that comes right back to us as cancer.  

So, when choosing the perfect slow cooker, it’s important to choose one that is earth friendly.  

Which one is eco-friendly? 

MEC’s pure clay pots and pans are again the sole winners here. They do not pollute the environment like metals do while they are mined, extracted, processed, transported across countries and turned into finished products using toxic chemicals and releasing toxic waste in the form of liquid (polluting water ways), solid (polluting the earth), and gas (polluting the air) tailings. 

Clay is harvested from earth’s crust and no toxic waste is released in any form at any stage of making, finishing and firing the pots. Even at the end of their useful lifecycle which could be decades long, their disposal doesn’t pose a huge threat to environment like in case of metals, plastics and chemicals, they go back to the same earth where they come from! 

They also save cooking time and energy by cooking food at low to medium heat setting in almost half the time or even less (in case of slow cooking) – all thanks to the earth’s unique far-infrared heat that penetrates deep into food cooking it thoroughly. This unique feature makes these pots and pans the best slow cooker. 

Slow cooking in MEC requires no babysitting at all just like a conventional crock pot and yet it gives you the freedom to keep checking your recipe for doneness if you intend to! 

MEC – The Perfect Slow Cooker 

To sum it up, doesn’t it make more sense to cook food in a material in which it is grown – the earth, instead of using something else that does more harm than good, not just to the food but to the environment as well? A pure and undefiled form of earth is MEC primary clay, and it offers all these benefits and more (learn from their website). 

Head over to Miriam’s Earthen Cookware’s Store and order a set of pure clay pots to enjoy this healthy and natural way of slow cooking your favorite recipes. 

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