The Best Pressure Cooker: All Natural, Timeless and Healthy

Pressure cooker – a modern invention that cooks food quickly – just what we need to save some time in our busy schedule. A conventional pressure cooker consists of the following parts: 

  1. A metal pot with a silicon covered handle 
  2. A metal lid and its handle with a locking mechanism 
  3. A gasket or a rubber sealing ring 
  4. A steam vent and release valves 

As excessive steam pressure is created by boiling water in a closed pot it causes temperature and pressure to build up inside and forces food to cook faster. In the end, pressure is released through the vent so the lid can be opened safely. 

At first glance, it looks like a useful piece of cookware that cooks really fast but the bitter truth is – this convenience comes at a cost. The pressure cooker saves time for sure but the health value of food is lost: 

The metal pot leaches toxins that contaminate the food cooked in them.  Delicate nutrients like complex carbs, flavonoids, phytonutrients and watersoluble nutrients present as steam are all lost when food is cooked with harsh heat. As a result, the food cooked in a pressure cooker is nutritionally depleted. No wonder nutritional deficiencies are so prevalent among people! As for the toxins from the pots, they keep accumulating in the body. Would you call such pressure cooker healthy? No way! 

The Best Pressure Cooker 

The best pressure cooker would be the one that cooks conveniently without compromising on your health a non-reactive or inert and healthy cooking pot. A pure clay pot is the only cookware that has these qualities. 

Since ancient times, clay has been used to cook food because it is naturally inert so doesn’t leach, and cooks food gently and thoroughly without damaging its nutritional value 

At Miriams Earthen Cookware, these unique qualities of clay are harnessed to make cooking pots that can work wonderfully as pressure cookers without the need to force steam inside, but rather let it condense naturally.  By designing the lid to stay cooler than the pot, this company makes cooking pots that have a natural mechanism to pressure cook your food, without the damage food undergoes in regular pressure cookers 

And the food cooks in just about the same time!  

The raw material used – 100% pure clay is all-natural material and that is naturally free from toxins so doesn’t leach while cooking. It cooks with unique far infrared heat that is gentle on delicate nutrients. With their excellent steam management properties, one of them being that the lid stays cooler than the pot, it causes steam to condense on the inside and fall right back into the food. In this way, even the water-soluble nutrients are preserved! 

Unlike metals or any modern materials like ceramics etc., harvesting natural clay from earth doesn’t affect the environment or wildlife in any way so like our ancestors, we can use this timeless method of cooking for ages to come without compromising on our own health or that of the planet’s. 

Can you think of another all-natural, timeless and healthy cookware like this one? If not, head over to MEC Store and buy the best pressure cooking pots. You never have to compromise on your health! 

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