Some Amazing Facts About Clay Pot Cooking

Clay is a unique material, the closest to nature, free from man-made contaminants, for making cookware. It is truly one of ‘mother natures’ gifts to us!  And among different types of clay, primary clay is the purest. It is full of health benefits that set it apart from any other materials for cooking, here’s why:

First of all, it is naturally inert and doesn’t leach while cooking, this makes it the safest material. Tests have proven that primary clay cookware is 100% non-toxic and unlike conventional metal/ceramic, it doesn’t contaminate whatever is cooked in it. 

 1. Food’s nutritional value is not compromised

The nutritional value of food greatly depends on the kind of heat it’s subjected to while cooking. Metals and ceramics radiate near-infrared heat that is harsh on delicate nutrients leaving food nutritionally depleted. On the other hand, pure clay radiates a unique far-infrared heat that cooks without destroying nutrients!

 2. Steam is retained inside, naturally!

One essential category of nutrients in food are called “water-soluble” nutrients: our body needs to replenish these on a daily basis. In metal/ceramic cookware, so much steam escapes the pot that a lot of these nutrients are gone! Pure clay pots are ergonomically designed with lids made in concentric circles – this enables the steam to condense and settle right back on the food.

 3. No toxins from pots enter your food

All metals are innately reactive and ceramics are laden with chemicals that contain metal oxides. They leach toxins while cooking and contaminate food. As a result, the nutrients are replaced with toxins and are ingested with food. They have no nutritional value in the body, in fact, such high level of toxins disrupt bodily functions and damage organs. Pure clay is naturally inert and no chemicals are used in making or glazing pure clay pots. So they do not react with food and keep its nutritional value intact.

 4. Food tastes par excellent!

With all the nutrients preserved, and no leached metals and chemicals, what you eat is pure food. It tastes so good because its purity and fullness is retained. Pure clay cooks are surprised to experience the real taste of food for the first time, which they never could with other cookware before. “I just seasoned and used one of my pure-clay pans to cook a mushroom and potato stew. Wow I love it! Such tender food and it’s really easy to use and clean. I might be switching to using them as my main cookware.” said a healthy cook new to clay cooking.

 5. Food stays warm even up to 5-6 hours after cooking

They are excellent retainers of heat! Food stays warm and you won’t need to re-heat for at least up to 5-6 hours after cooking – saves energy and time!

 6. It’s “green” in the Making, Finishing, and Cooking!

Besides being healthy for you and your family, pure clay pots are good for our planet’s health too. While metals pollute air, water and earth at every stage, from mining, extraction and processing to finishing and shipping, pure clay is completely different. Unlike metals, it’s harvested from earth’s surface and is renewable. No chemicals are used in making or finishing them, they are handmade from this all-natural and healthy material. At the end of their useful life-cycle (which could be decades long), they go back to the same earth causing no disruption!

With all these unique factors there’s nothing to lose in giving clay pot cooking a try. You might just be taken aback with all the wonderful features this healthy and green way of cooking has to offer. Visit MEC Store and order your pure clay pot today!

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