Why The Most Nutritious Food Can Only be Cooked in Clay?

A few decades ago, no one would have contemplated that cooking nutrition rich food would become such a big necessity as well as an equally big challenge. With increased levels of pollution, we started struggling with new health problems every day and the toxic food we eat regularly didn’t help. A little awareness in this area made people choose unprocessed and organic foods over processed and GMO varieties but because of unhealthy methods of cooking, the situation didn’t improve much.

Cooking nutrient rich food starts with choosing the right ingredients and the right cookware, but if the cookware is unhealthy, the cooked food will turn out to be unhealthy regardless of the choice of ingredients. This is because most conventional cookware are made from unhealthy materials like metals, ceramics, porcelain, alloys and other materials treated and/or glazed with toxic chemicals. All these materials not only leach toxins while cooking but also destroy nutrients in food. This is where pure clay cookware comes to the rescue. Let’s find out how cooking in clay is a lot healthier than cooking the same food in any other cookware:

Pure Clay is 100% Non-toxic – Tested in Lab

Pure clay is an all-natural material that is free from any metal or chemical toxins. It has been tested in lab for common contaminants found in almost all other materials like lead, cadmium, arsenic, nickel etc. A simple baking soda test at home can prove the purity of this healthy material. Unlike conventional, pure clay cookware is naturally inert so doesn’t react to food and contaminate it. As no chemicals are used for glazing etc. the inertness of pure clay is not harmed when making pots and pans.

Preserves Delicate Nutrients in Food

It is scientifically proven that high heat destroys nutrients. The delicate nutrients in food like complex carbs, flavonoids and other phytonutrients are lost when cooked with harsh heat from metal or ceramic cookware. Food is meant to be cooked with gentle heat like far infrared heat from pure clay that cooks food while keeping nutrients intact. This food friendly heat doesn’t even burn your fingers if you accidentally touch the pot while cooking like conventional pots.

Saves Water Soluble Nutrients

The water soluble nutrients that the body needs on a daily basis are present in the form of steam while cooking. This steam is often released through vents in conventional cookware due to extreme steam pressure created by harsh heat but pure clay pot handles steam differently. The lid which stays cooler than the rest of the pot allows the steam to condense at its inner surface and it keeps falling back into the food. In this way, the water soluble nutrients are saved when cooking in clay.

Availability of Oxygen While Cooking

The metal and glazed pots are non-porous so there is no way for oxygen to pass through the pots while cooking. On the other hand, the pure clay pots are naturally semi-porous which makes them breathableEven when the lid is closed, sufficient oxygen is available to food while cooking which is crucial for cooking nutrient rich food.

These and many more unique features of pure clay pots (like heat retention, naturally non-stick, faster slow cooking) make clay pot cooking the healthiest cooking method out there which also means unglazed clay pots are a must-have for every kitchen for the sake of our health. Join the league of pure clay cooks and ensure truly healthy meals for you and your family, visit MEC Store to order your pure clay pot today!

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