Eco-Friendly Cookware: These Pots & Pans are Green in Every Sense

Have you ever come across an eco-friendly cookware that is green in the true sense? Yes, there are a lot of cookware in the market whose label says ‘green’ but are they really good for the environment? There are many stages during the making of a cookware where it may pollute the environment in one way or the other. The conventional cookware (made from metals, ceramics, porcelain etc.), no matter how green they claim to be, harm the environment at different stages. 

Is there a so-called ‘green cookware‘ out there that is guaranteed to not harm the environment in any way? Luckily, there is – cookware made from unglazed primary clay (or pure clay). Let’s see how it’s better than conventional when it comes to green cooking: 

Mining of Raw Material

The mining of mineral ores to extract metals call for massive deforestation. This affects the eco-balance and the wildlife. The people who work in these mines often suffer serious health problems like infection of skin, lungs, pancreas and sometimes cancer. Also, these mineral ores once mined take millions of years to replenish and are non-renewable resources. Their constant mining affects the magnetic fields of our planet and cause natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones etc. 

On the contrary, pure clay is harvested (not mined) from the earth’s surface without affecting the environment or wildlife in any way. It takes little for the nature to form the clay again by the unique action between water, earth, and air. It is a 100% renewable resource. 

Extraction & Processing

The extraction of metals from ores and their processing to remove the impurities yields a lot of waste in the form of solids, liquids and gases – many of these are poisonous for the environment, wildlife and people living in the vicinity. These toxins pollute the land and water resources nearby which further affect the fertility of land and the health of crops grown in it. 

But pure clay again proves healthy for environment as its processing doesn’t release any toxic waste, working with pure clay, in fact, has therapeutic effects on people who work with it. 

Finishing & Glazing

Furthermore, the chemicals used in finishing, coloring and glazing of the cookware are also toxic. They further pollute the environment with their toxic fumes that are released during the glazing process or when heated during cooking. 

As no glazes or chemicals are used in pure clay cookware, they DO NOT release such toxins. 

Energy Consumption

“Save energy – save environment.” You must have heard this phrase multiple times but one hardly pays attention to how much energy is consumed in making of cookware. While conventional cookware consume a lot of energy while mining, extraction, processing and then transporting them from one part of the world to another (often through ships that consume a lot of fuel and affect marine life during their journey), pure clay cookware can be made with minimum energy. In fact, they further save energy by cooking most of your dishes in less than half the time at medium or low heat. As pure clay pots are great retainers of heat, the food keeps cooking even after the heat source is turned off. 

Biodegradable Or Not?

At the end of their useful life-cycle, they can be easily disposed off without harming the environment – they go back to the same earth where they came from. They are fully biodegradable cookware unlike this non-biodegradable waste from metals and chemicals which has become the biggest challenge of our times. Practically, there is no safe way to dispose it off. 

In so many ways, pure clay pots prove to be truly green cookware through and through from accruing raw materials to making processes and at the end of its useful period. In fact these are the only cookware that stay true to the word ‘green’ in all aspects. Do you want your food and planet to be healthy and free from toxins? Head over to MEC Store and order this truly green cookware today! You can read customer reviews here:

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