Miriams Earthen Cookware – Best Pots and Pans Customers Declare! 

Which pots and pans would you call ‘the best’: The colorful, beautifully designed, enameled and made with liquid metals and coatings OR the all-natural, healthy and 100% non-toxic? The answer is easy. When it comes to food, what else can be more important than a word closely related – ‘healthy’?

It’s not often that you see a company whose sole purpose is to make the best product for its consumers.  While many claim they do, what is best in their eyes is usually what is the easiest to make, cheapest, and what can be marketed easily.

On the other hand, there are few who put in years of extensive research to create a product that is truly the best.  Even though it’s harder and takes longer to make, but because it’s truly the best, they make it anyway, and they make it with love and pride.  Miriam’s Earthen Cookware (AKA MEC) is one such company and I am pleased to be writing about their healthiest creation – MEC pure clay pots and pans!

Unlike conventional cookware, they do not leach anything, or destroy the food nutrients. Or let gasps of steam escape the pot, steam in essence containing water soluble nutrients. Also, MEC cookware is truly green – they are environment-friendly while making, using and disposing after their useful cycle.

By using the core ingredient – 100% pure and natural clay, MEC makes pots and pans without using any chemicals, metals, enamels, colors and any other toxic substance you can think of. They are tested and certified non-toxic. Let’s see how customers describe their experiences with the best pots and pans:

Sam who was looking for cookware with health benefits was fascinated by the idea.  Now an expert MEC cook states how the words ‘delicious food’ was an understatement:

“I bought my pot pretty much for the health benefits. I was rather intrigued by the idea of cooking in a clay pot. Although it had been stated that food tastes better when cooked in clay, I didn’t really expect a great deal of difference. How wrong I was…I’m incredibly impressed by the difference…”

– Sam

Shar is not someone who normally wouldn’t care for writing a review. But it’s different when it comes to writing about the beast pots and pans, here she is in her own words:

“I never write reviews, but this is truly the best purchase I ever made. The pots are so beautiful, and it feels so natural to cook with. Love how good the food is tasting, and how much healthier for my family. Thank you so much!! Also what a wonderful company to work with, she is so very helpful on the phone. Easy to use pans, easy to clean, not heavy, just so wonderful!”

– Shar

Shelley only wishes she had found out about Miriam’s before throwing away so much on so-called “healthy” pots.  What she likes most is the research and testing, which means a lot to her when it comes to choosing the best.

“I’ve been looking for healthy cookware/bakeware for years. Wish I’d found Miriam’s before throwing away so much on so-called healthy cookware. I really like that MEC has done the research, does the testing and I can feel safe cooking and eating from the pots I just ordered! Also, the personal service and help on the phone…”

– Shelley

Kevin, our beloved friend and customer motivates us in our labor of love by saying what he said so beautifully:

“These pots are awesome! Great for everyday use. A well-seasoned pot imparts a wonderful aroma to your kitchen or pantry and amazing flavors to the food you cook. I bought them to be healthy but I got so much more!!”

– Kevin Frantz

Lisa, in clear and beautiful words is happy that she found the best for her cooking needs:

“LOVE this cookware! I’ve used the large pots for cooking and also I keep one especially for making the BEST yogurt around! It really does make food even more delicious! Thank you for making these with non-toxic materials too! Very happy with this product!!!”

– Lisa

For more reviews and customer’s opinion please visit Miriams Earthen Cookware

Are you an MEC cook? Would you please share you’re experience in the comments section below? 

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