Learn How to Make the Healthiest Rice and Other Grains Using These Fascinating All-natural Rice Cookers!

Would you rather cook rice for the sake of eating it or for all the goodness it offers to your body? If you choose to cook rice for both these reasons, please read this article to find out which kind is the best and which is the best way to cook it without losing its nutritional value and its wonderful taste.

Rice – a staple consumed by half the world’s population is also considered a super-grain for its  many nutritional benefits. It is full of simple and complex carbohydrates (fuel for the body), vitamins and minerals – needed for the proper functioning and metabolic activity. It prevents obesity, controls blood pressure, is good for skin and the digestive system – some of the reasons it’s so popular among the masses.

With this knowledge, we hope you’d want to cook it for its great taste and its nutritional value! The first step getting the best of rice is choosing the right kind. It’s better to choose not overly processed rice. Aged rice is much better and doubles in quantity than new rice. Par-boiled is better than raw. Through the process of par-boiling, the nutrients in the rice are preserved and made bio-available easily while cooking. And as much as possible, avoid the enriched (with lab made ingredients), highly processed rice. It is enriched with chemical “nutrients” to compensate for what is lost during the processing.

The second step to cooking healthy rice is choosing a healthy rice cooker. While the conventional rice cookers are made from metals and ceramics, they are not ideal for cooking this nutritious food. The harsh heat from their walls destroy the complex carbs and distorts the minerals by leaching their own compounds into the food. Our body needs a balance of both kinds of carbs, excess of only simple carbs eventually results in diseases like Diabetes. The toxins these materials leach into rice further contaminate it and negatively affect body functions, especially the immune system.

An ideal rice cooker would be the one that cooks rice gently without destroying its nutrients and it won’t compromise on the amazing taste of your carefully chosen rice. You’d be pleased to know that an all-American company makes such rice cookers from a natural material, in the USA. Miriams Earthen Cookware makes these fascinating all-natural rice cookers from pure clay – a 100% non-toxic material that cooks rice with unique far infrared heat – a gentle food-friendly heat that keeps nutrients intact and cook soft, fluffy and delicious rice.

Pure clay is nothing like the conventional metal stuff – this is natural clay sourced inside USA. It is inert and doesn’t leach toxins. It is a time-honored material by one generation after another since ancient times – who used to live healthier and longer by the way. Our fairly recent switch to so called “modern” cookware have not spared the body of diseases like diabetes, cancer etc.

It is high time we stop following the flashy ads and switch to this healthy and non-toxic rice cooker for health of our families.

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