The Ideal Rice Cookware: Offers The Most Important Benefit You’ve been Looking For – Healthy and Non-toxic Rice!

When it comes to choosing the best rice cooker, you might have seldom heard of the one that cooks with air and water in earth, probably because the stores are full of conventional metal/ceramic pots for rice cooking that may be quick and convenient but with certain consequences. Metals are known to leach toxins and their harsh heat destroy delicate nutrients depleting the nutritional value of rice. This calls for an alternative and I am here to discuss exactly that

Among different types of materials mined, extracted and processed while poisoning everything and everyone that come in contact with them, then laden with chemicals that further contaminate food during cooking; there is a material that feels like a breath of fresh air. This is nothing but the earth itself – provided by nature for exactly this purpose, one might wonder. I am talking about unglazed primary clay (or pure-clay) harvested from earth’s surface that makes this natural rice cooker.

The three basic elements of nature – air, water and earth come together to cook this healthy and naturally delicious rice:

When cooking in pure clay pots, you don’t need any oils or additives to cook rice, all you need to add to rice is water (typically in the ratio of 1:2 or as per the instructions that come with rice). Most people are already aware not to use overly processed rice. Any other store-bought additives, like broth etc. only diminish the health value offered by rice.

Pure clay rice cooker is an excellent retainer of heat – you don’t need to keep it on heat all the while it’s cooking. Once you get familiar with the actual duration of cooking, you can even turn the heat off before the water fully boils and the rice keeps cooking with the heat from pot – how amazing is that! That’s when you feel your rice being cooked with water and air from the environment in this natural material which is nothing but earth.

In case you aren’t aware, the walls of these pots are breathable, they let out excess water so that your rice cook just the right amount of moist – soft and fluffy is what you’d call to describe the texture. Many even claim that the taste of rice is enhanced by cooking in pure-clay, or maybe that’s just the real and natural taste of rice that we never got to experience with those added toxins from metals and ceramics.

Such healthy, tasty and perfectly cooked rice makes these pots the best rice cookers – hands on experience is the key to enlightenment!

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