This Non-Toxic Dinnerware Is Tested NO Lead and Cadmium (That’s Better Than Lead and Cadmium “Free”)

Have you ever used a dinnerware that has absolutely NO lead or cadmium? Don’t confuse it with lead and cadmium “free” dinnerware because they have lead and cadmium within permissible limit. Typically, the limit set by California Prop 65 or similar standards. Unfortunately, in many cases it exceeds these limits and is still labeled lead FREE.  And where is the testing done? In the manufacturers country, often times where results can be manipulated.   

While this could even sadly be an acceptable standard for things that don’t come in contact with food, with items that do (especially cookware), it’s best to use things that have NO Lead at all.  

If an item truly has NO Lead, the manufacturer will be willing to show consumers the test results from a reliable state laboratory, preferably in the USA.  

Here’s a 100% non-toxic dinnerware that has absolutely no lead and cadmium: 

MEC’s Pure Clay Cups and Bowls: Tested NO Lead and Cadmium 

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) has ZERO tolerance to lead, cadmium or any other kind of contaminants. So the complete composition of the raw material (pure clay) is tested to ensure it has NO Lead or Cadmium or any other toxins. Nothing is added in the making process and they’re not glazed – to guarantee the product is truly 100% Non-Toxic. 

MEC’s regular customers find it difficult to use any other material (like ceramics or any metals) when it comes to serving or storing food. There have been repeated requests for bringing something truly non-toxic like MEC’s cookware, to serve and store food. The company heard them and they are here, finally! 

MEC’s cups and bowls are perfect for serving soups, concoctions like tea, coffee, and vegetables. The clay used for making these cups and bowls are sourced from unfarmed and non-industrialized lands in the US, after being fully tested for purity (no chemicals or contaminants present – lead, cadmium, metals, and toxins). There are no added colors – they come in the natural color of fired clay and are unglazed. 

One can also use them for heating small amounts of food on stove top. Notable, there are no handles in pure clay cups because contrary to conventional cups and bowls (made from ceramics and metals), all the food’s heat is held inside the vessel letting the cup just stay comfortably warm on the outside! 

The healthy food you cook must be served in non-toxic, No Lead serve ware — don’t you agree? 

Order your set today from MEC Store, you can thank us later! 😉 

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