The Best Dutch Should Be Made from The Safest Material

A Dutch Oven is quite popular these days mainly because you can cook a variety of dishes in it both on stove-top and in the oven. It’s perfect for cooking soups, stews, rice and other casseroles dishes. Despite being so useful, its design is quite simple: a pot and a well-fitting lid. The walls are thicker than usual and it is made from different materials like Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Ceramics, and Pure Clay.

When it comes to choosing the safest material for Dutch Oven, pure clay turns out to be the ideal raw material. When made the right way, a pure clay Dutch Oven can be the healthiest cookware you can have in your kitchen!

What’s wrong with the other popular materials?

They are reactive to your food and leach in:

Metals are highly reactive, so when you cook food in a metal pot, it leaches metal ions. They react with nutrients present in food and contaminate it. Some claim to make inert cookware by coating them with enamels (like in case of ceramics) but all glazes and enamels are full of chemicals that contain metal oxides. These toxins also are subject to leaching and over time deteriorate your body’s functioning.

They also cook but by destroying nutrients:

Another important point: the heat generated from metal or ceramic walls of the pot is harsh and destroys delicate nutrients like complex carbohydrates. Eating food rich in just the simple carbs results in excessive amounts of sugars in blood – a cause for diabetes!

Why pure-clay makes the best Dutch Oven material?

Pure clay is 100% natural, primary clay — a raw material used since the beginning of time to make cookware in all parts of the world.

Pure clay is the safest material as it is naturally inert. When a pure clay pot is made the right way – without using chemicals or glazes and using the old method of throwing clay on the wheel (the only making method that requires no chemical additives) rather than pressed and poured clay, it makes a truly healthy Dutch Oven.

A pure clay pot conducts heat more evenly and cooks food with sufficient oxygen passing through the semi-porous surface of the pot. This is another reason why glazes shouldn’t be used in pure clay pots – to keep the surface porous. Food cooked in pure clay Dutch Oven is not only healthy, it also tastes delicious. The gentle heat keeps nutrients and the natural flavors of your food intact – giving you a nourishing meal every time.

Cooking regularly in pure clay pots heals your body from the bad effects of already accumulated metal toxins. As you are not taking more toxins, the body starts cleansing itself slowly – the immune system improves and you start getting healthier with time.

With these great health effects, a pure clay Dutch Oven is the kind of cookware you need in your kitchen to cook healthy for you and your family, so head over to MEC store and choose a pure-clay Dutch Oven.


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