Looking For 100% Non-Toxic Cookware? Start With The Raw Material

How non-toxic or toxic a piece of cookware is, depends on the raw material and the way it’s made. When we are so careful about choosing the right ingredients, shouldn’t we also be careful about cooking it in pots and pans that are fully non-toxic?

Conventional pots are made from metals and ceramics – both leach toxins while cooking and destroy food’s nutrients with harsh heat from their walls. The chemicals used in the making and glazing them further contaminate the food.

Why Does The Raw Material Matter And Which is The Best?

When looking for a 100% non-toxic cookware, it’s important to choose the raw material carefully. Metals and chemical laden ceramics are reactive and leach toxins while cooking. Pure clay is an all-natural material that is inert and doesn’t contain any toxins. This is the reason it had been used for ages by different civilizations for making cookware.

What Difference Does The Process of Manufacturing Make?

Another important aspect is the way you make cookware from raw material. Once you choose a healthy raw material like primary clay, making cookware the conventional way would not serve the purpose. In order to make a 100% non-toxic piece of cookware, no toxins, glazes or additives must be used in any of the making processes. These chemicals are not just bad for the food but for the environment as well.

When these toxic manufacturing plants run their process cycle and dump chemical waste, they affect the environment in more than one ways. Besides polluting the air, they poison the nearby water resources as well. This badly affects the wildlife and the health of people living in nearby areas.

Making cookware without chemicals may require more effort, but its long-term effects make it worthwhile. This healthy cookware is quite durable – it keeps getting stronger with use. The people working with pure clay (with no chemicals) do not suffer any health issues like they do in case of metal/ceramic cookware.

Pure clay cookware made with no chemicals is not just healthy for cooking but is also good for the environment. At the end of their useful cycle which can be decades long, they go back to the same earth without disrupting the environment like metals.

As it is made from the same earth that grows food, cooking in it makes a lot of sense! It cooks food gently with food-friendly heat that keeps nutrients and the taste of ingredients intact, so the food you eat is nutritionally rich and tastes better. You will feel healthier and more energetic when you use this 100% non-toxic cookware regularly.

With so many health benefits for you and the environment, pure clay cookware is the healthiest cookware you can have in your kitchen.

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