Green Cooking Starts With Cooking In Eco-Friendly Cookware

Not a few days go by without us hearing about children and adults having acquired one or the other life-threatening diseases – because they live close to toxic industrial waste or a manufacturing plant releasing toxic gases. There are many products that look beautiful and attractive when they are placed in a shopping store. But in their journey from obtaining raw material to making the finished product, they pollute the environment in many ways. Metal and ceramic cookware are typical examples of such products.

Traditional cookware, how it negatively affects the health of the planet?

Mining and processing of metals call for cutting of trees in large numbers, and release of toxic waste in air and water resources. The people who work in such industries or live in nearby areas acquire dangerous diseases because of breathing in toxic air and drinking toxic water. One parent of a child suffering from cancer and living few miles from such a place says, “It haunts me to know her cancer might have been avoided.”

It is even more painful to know that we are somewhat responsible for this dangerous but avoidable situation. When we choose a toxic cookware made from metals or ceramics, we contribute to keep such industries and manufacturing plants running and ruining our planet.

“Green” Cooking starts with choosing the right cookware

Green cooking isn’t just good for the planet but also for our health. It starts with cooking in eco-friendly cookware – the one that doesn’t poison air and water at any stage. Pure clay cookware is a typical example of a truly eco-friendly and healthy cookware. Pure clay is a naturally non-toxic material and its harvesting and processing don’t harm the environment in any way. No toxic wastes are released and it doesn’t pose any health hazard to people working with it or living in nearby areas.

Pure-Clay cookware is the must-have cookware in an eco-friendly kitchen

On the contrary, working with clay is therapeutic, because they’re working with a pure form of earth, fresh and clean water, in a clean air environment and by putting their minds and hands to work skillfully. The cookware made from pure clay is no different. It is 100% non-toxic and doesn’t pollute the environment in any way.

At the end of their useful cycle which may be decades long, they can be used as plant pots, sprout-makers or one can simply dispose them off in the earth. They are fully biodegradable, so go back to the same earth where they come from while further nourishing it with their own nutrients.

It is both in the interest of our family’s health and that of our planet’s to switch to this eco-friendly cookware and save our future generations from the dangers of producing and using toxic cookware.

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