This Natural Pressure Cooker Is Better Than The Conventional Lock And Seal, How?

A conventional pressure cooker consists of a metal pot with a well-fitting lid and several other parts. Basically, it locks steam inside to cook food with steam pressure. When cooking is complete, the excess steam must be released through a vent before the pot is opened. The extreme steam pressure forces the food to cook a lot quicker than it would have otherwise – saves time. But that’s where its only advantage ends because here’s what your food undergoes:

What Happens To Food In A Conventional Pressure Cooker?

The extreme pressure and high temperature make the food mushy and taste bland because of these reasons: The delicate nutrients are destroyed because of the harsh and high heat from the metal pot. And since metals are innately reactive, metal ions from the pot leach and react with nutrients present in food. AND, the water-soluble nutrients are lost as steam that is fully released before the pot is opened.

A Natural Pressure Cooker

Unlike the conventional, this unique pressure cooker is made of an all-natural material – 100% pure clay. It is free from any metal or chemical toxins and as clay is naturally inert, it doesn’t react with food. And it cooks food in the healthiest way possible:

Pure clay pressure cooker has a comparatively simpler design – it consists of a pure clay pot and its lid. As the material is 100% non-toxic, it doesn’t contaminate food even at cooking heat.

The nutrients stay intact – thanks to food-friendly, gentler heat generated from the walls of a pure clay pot, the food’s nutrients stay intact!

The most wonderful feature is the way it handles steam:

Steam Management Property

When food is cooking, steam rises from the pot and touches the lid, where it starts condensing on the inner surface of the lid and comes back to food in the form of water droplets. Since the lid stays cooler than the pot during cooking, it is ideal for the steam to naturally condense. This is similar to how water vapors from ponds and reservoirs rise up to the sky, condense and fall back to earth in the form of rain. And the food cooks through this natural process instead of being forced to do so.

The water-soluble nutrients stay within the food and nourish your body with every meal (your body can’t store water-soluble nutrients, so you need them every day). When this all-natural pressure cooker cooks food through a natural process, you get healthy, delicious and nutritious food every time. It’s far better than the conventional lock and seal. You should switch to this natural method of cooking if you want to eat truly healthy food! Head over to MEC Store and choose a pure clay pot for your next pressure cooking recipe and experience the difference.

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