Looking For Non-toxic Dinnerware? Your Search Ends Here…

Serving food in healthy dinnerware is as important as cooking it in healthy cookware. But the problem is you don’t have many options to choose from. Unfortunately, you have to use chemically treated ceramics cups, plates, and bowls. As the warm food is served in these, they could leach in toxins and contaminate your food! All your efforts of choosing healthy ingredients and non-toxic cookware go in vain. But not anymore, keep reading…

Introducing: Pure Clay Dinnerware

The makers of 100% unglazed pure clay cookware have recently introduced pure clay dinnerware – 100% non-toxic cups and bowls! They are perfect for serving soups, concoctions like tea, coffee, and vegetables. The clay used for making these cups and bowls are sourced from unfarmed and non-industrialized lands in the US, after being fully tested for purity (no chemicals or metals present – cadmium, metals, and toxins).

The people who have been using pure clay cookware had been asking for dinnerware that is equally safe and healthy. They were just not comfortable serving their healthily cooked food in ceramic bowls. The makers heard and came up with the solution – 100% non-toxic cups and bowls! (Plates, spoons, salad bowls etc. are still in the works and coming soon!)

Unlike ceramic dinnerware, these cups and bowls are made with hands without using any chemicals, glazes or enamels. There are no added colors – they come in the natural color of fired clay. As they are made from pure clay, they are 100% non-toxic – keep your food safe when served in these.

Although microwave safe, the bowls can also be used for heating small amounts of food, right on the stovetop. This is a great option for those who have ditched the microwave with their precarious electromagnetic radiation. It is worth noticing that there are no handles in pure clay cups because contrary to ceramics (or metals), all the food’s heat is held inside the vessel letting the cup just stay comfortably warm on the outside! You can use them to serve tea, coffee, herbal concoctions and other drinks. The bowls can be used to serve soups.

The inspiration behind all the efforts to make these healthy products comes from feedback from many customers who have trusted the health benefits of cooking in clay. When they’re not compromising on their health by using toxic cookware, why should they serve in toxic dinnerware – the purpose behind cups and bowls!

Can’t wait to try these amazing and healthy cups and bowls? Head over to MEC store and order your set today!

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