Healthy Cookware Must Be As Natural As Your Food, Why?

Nature provides everything healthy to mankind – food, air, water or anything else, it’s our actions that pollute and make it toxic. The growing popularity of organic and naturally grown food is proof that people are slowly becoming aware of this fact – that the only way to live healthy is by choosing natural products. When your food is all-natural, shouldn’t your cookware be the same?

Natural Food – Natural Cookware

As we know the best food comes from that which is grown using non-toxic, pure methods and without the interference of dangerous chemicals and heavy metals. In the same way, natural cookware comes from using a natural material and then making it without using ANY chemicals. Is that even possible in the world of metal and ceramic cookware? Luckily, yes!

An All-natural Cookware

Pure clay is an all-natural, material that can be harvested from the earth’s surface without causing any harm to the environment and wildlife. As clay is formed through a natural and on-going process, it’s renewable. To ensure the purity of clay, it’s important to test the land for any chemicals or pollutants present in it due to dumping of industrial waste or use of chemical fertilizers in the past.

This pure raw material must be treated without using any chemicals (we don’t want another chemical laden ceramics, do we?) – it might be a challenge to make pots without treating the raw material with chemicals but it’s worth the effort. This is the only way to make 100% natural and non-toxic cookware.

The presence of any metal or chemical toxins in clay may cause these added elements to leach into food while cooking. Eating food contaminated with these toxins over a long time can make you sick. Moreover, the toxins react with nutrients in food – leaving it deficient in essential nutrients.

How This Natural Cookware Keeps Food Healthy?

Pure clay cookware is naturally inert and doesn’t leach, it keeps the nutritional value of food intact. They generate the unique far infrared heat that cooks food gently without causing any harm to its nutrients. When the body is nourished with such healthy and nutritious food, it can start the process of healing and restoration.

With so many health benefits and guarantee of being 100% non-toxic, this all-natural healthy cookware definitely deserves a try. If you agree then head over to MEC Store and choose a pure clay pot to get the natural taste of food cooked in a natural cookware!

Until next time…

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