These Are The Best Pots And Pans Made Without Glaze, Enamel Or Any Other Kind Of Poisonous Coating

Finding a truly non-toxic cookware is probably the biggest challenge a healthy cook faces these days. Thanks to the popularity of metals and ceramics, the stores are full of shiny, glazed and enameled cookware.

All metals are innately reactive, and they are further coated with nickel, molybdenum etc. for shine and finish. Ceramics is coated with so many glazes and enamels – the dirty secret behind their shining beauty. These chemical laden pots and pans contaminate your food and the toxins cause havoc in your body functions.

How These Toxins From Cookware Affect Your Health

The metal toxins present in metal/ceramic cookware react with food, a biochemical entity. They are then assimilated with food and start accumulating in body organs, blood, and tissues. They cause detrimental changes at cellular level over time and cause health problems that range from minor sickness to life-threatening diseases. A compromised immune system fails to protect you from these infections/diseases and you end up being very sick as these metals continue to accumulate in the body over time.

What Happens When We Switch To A Healthy Cookware

Our bodies are naturally capable of de-toxins but only when given the chance. When you start using a healthy (and non-toxic) cookware, your body starts removing toxins. As you are not eating more toxins, the immune system starts getting stronger. You will start seeing healthy changes in your body after a few months. If you continue to eat healthy, you’d notice you fall sick less often.

Which Cookware Is Truly Healthy?

Pure clay pots and pans are true lifesavers if you want to eat healthy. They are made without glaze, enamel or any other kind of poisonous coatings that are frequently used in conventional cookware. You don’t really need any kind of coating to make them inert or non-stick. Pure clay pots are naturally inert and they become fully non-stick after a few uses as the oils from food season them.

There are additional benefits of using pure clay pots and pans: They keep delicate nutrients in food intact with their food-friendly far-infrared heat. Their excellent steam management abilities make sure the water-soluble nutrients stay within the food instead of escaping freely (like in metal pots). They are great retainers of heat – cook slow cooking recipes in a lot less time and keep food warmer for longer after cooking.

In short, they are the best alternative to conventional cookware for health-conscious cooks! With the availability of this kind of best pots and pans, there is no reason we should still cook in poison-tainted cookware that poses health risks to us and our families.


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