This is the Real Secret to Healthy Cooking: Why didn’t we think of it sooner?

What is the one thing that determines the “health” of your food? Yes, it’s the choice of ingredients, but there is one more thing – the cookware.  the type of pot used to cook your food has a big say on the health value of the food.  Read more to find out how this is possible:

Conventional cookware made from metals are innately reactive and food is a biochemical substance consisting of nutrients that are in the form of oxygen, hydrogen halogens, acids, and bases. The heat while cooking acts as a catalyst and makes metals leach ions that react with nutrients and contaminate food. Similarly, ceramics are full of chemicals and oxides in the raw material and in the in the glazes/enamels used for finishing. There’s an easy way to test this – yes you can actually check what’s leaching from the cookware you’re using right now with a simple and reliable home test (information towards the bottom) 

Again, the choice of cookware determines the purity of the food.   

Your cookware also guarantees its nutritional worth – you must have heard how people say cooked food is nutritionally lacking? While that is true, little research has been done to find out why and if there’s anything that can be done to prevent it.  Miriam’s Earthen Cookware as part of their Make America Healthy initiative, however, have discovered that the issue is not so much with the process of cooking as it is with the cookware.  Metals and ceramics cook with a harsh and destructive heat that dissolves nutrients while cooking. 

The choice of cookware also determines the nutritional worth of the food. 

Steam is essential water-soluble nutrients, it’s stuff the body needs to replenish every day.  With the harsh heat from conventional cookware, steam is all but lost from food, leaving it lacking in one more way.

In order for food to be healthy, your cookware needs to first be healthy.  One that is non-reactive and is perfect for keeping the ingredients free from toxins. It should also cook with gentle heat and retain steam.  While looking for a healthy option, I came across one that greatly resembles an ancient way of cooking, a method that transcends time and has been there from the very beginning – pure clay cooking.  All-natural clay is a pure gift of nature and when made the right way, it makes provision for all these features.  Visit Miriam’s earthen cookware the market leaders in making this natural product.

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