Pure Clay Cookware: The Safest Choice

I am a healthy cook and know how important cookware is for cooking healthy. At a time when the most popular cookware is made from metals and/or ceramics, it’s not easy to find a healthy and safe alternative. But I had to do it, which led me to several weeks of research. Here’s what I found:

The reactivity problem with conventional cookware (this is a big problem):

One big problem with conventional metal/ceramic cookware is that they are reactive to nutrients present in food and leach into food. Once in the body these toxins start accumulating in tissues and organs and over time, they become the foundation for health problems that range from minor illnesses to serious diseases and compromise the immune system.

There’s actually a way to test this with your current cookware.  Information on the test can be found towards the bottom of the article.

The Damage to the Nutrients:

The vitamins, minerals, protein molecules, carbohydrates, and fats are delicate nutrients going through a phenomenal change.  These nutrients are transformed from raw to cooked and the type of heat determines the final result.  Harsh, near-infrared heat from the walls of metals and man-made materials like ceramic/enameled/glazed pots destroy a lot of these nutrients.  Touch a metal/ceramic pot 5-7 minutes into cooking and you can burn your hand, food is made up of the same kind of tissue and is prone to damage just like our skin.

So which is the Safest and Why?

The safest cookware would be the one that doesn’t leach anything while cooking and cooks keeping nutrients intact. Thanks to this informative article which introduced me to a naturally inert material, pure clay that is not only 100% safe for cooking, but is also tested to ensure its purity.  Also, the heat generating from the walls of these pots is the far-infrared heat that cooks your food without destroying these important nutrients, all of it taking the same amount of time!

They totally passed the baking soda test and food can cook in them without using oil, making them the safest cookware available out there.

When Choosing what is safe for your family knows that using the safest pots and pans is the connection between ‘healthy ingredients’ and ‘healthy food’. I hope you too can make this wise choice to enjoy healthy food for years to come.

Here’s an Easy-to-Do Kitchen Test to Check the health of your cookware!

Miriam’s Earthen Cookware is the only US-based company I found that makes the safest cookware from pure-clay without using any chemicals, keeping them 100% non-toxic. You can read about the research that goes behind making the safest cookware on their website and know why pure clay is a lot better alternative to metals and ceramics.

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