A Safer & Natural Alternative to Conventional Pressure Cookers

A conventional pressure cooker is an interesting invention, to say the least.  It is a piece of cookware with several parts to it and was invented to save time in the kitchen.  And as much as it may seem useful it needs extreme care while handling because it can also be a dangerous tool.  It works with steam pressure in the following manner: 

Pressure is created by boiling a liquid (typically water) inside the closed pot. The trapped steam increases the internal pressure and allows the temperature to rise, which forces food to cook quickly. In the end, the pressure is slowly released so that the lid can be opened safely.

As much as a pressure cooker is useful for cooking faster, it needs to be handled with extreme care at all times or else, the consequences can be annoying to dangerous. As its cooking temperature is quite high, a little delay in turning off the stove might literally burn your food, and that’s in addition to the delicate nutrients that are dissolved by such harsh heat.

The gasket ring can be pretty annoying on its own. Unlike a standard saucepan lid, it needs to be washed and cleaned thoroughly and regularly after every use. It needs to be replaced every year as it becomes dry and starts losing its flexibility, making it difficult to seal the lid well. Even if you don’t use it for a long time, it dries up and needs replacement.

At any point during cooking, if you feel the need to check if food is cooked, releasing all steam and then opening the lid is pretty annoying, whereas the same thing is quite easy with a conventional saucepan. Being able to visually inspect the food regularly seems a lot of hassle with a pressure cooker.

What makes pressure cooker dangerous is the fact that it can literally blast if the steam vent is blocked by food particles/debris and you don’t detect it and clear it up in time.  

 The Safe and All-Natural Alternative:  

All these inconveniences call for an alternative. Pure clay pressure cooker is an all-natural and safe alternative. Unlike metals, the raw material is 100% non-toxic and healthy. The heat from pure-clay is far-infrared – won’t damage nutrients or burn your food or hands. 

But here’s the bigger deal: thanks to its ergonomic design, steam isn’t released but is condensed naturally. Also, it doesn’t force but gently coaxes the food to cook with steam – no mushy and bland food anymore.

A simple yet effective design with no complicated parts makes it as easy to clean as it is to use. With all the added health benefits of pure clay, this all-natural cooking pot is an ideal pressure cooker for your kitchen that cooks all your recipes in the safest and healthiest way.

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