Cook Healthy with Pure Clay Cookware

The way you cook plays a key role in keeping you and your family healthy and free from diseases. Healthy cooking not only involves using healthy ingredients but also healthy cookware. Conventional cookware is made from metals or ceramics – both leach toxins into food while cooking. Metals like aluminum, iron, nickel, magnesium, molybdenum, lead — all subject to react with water, nutrients, vitamins & minerals, proteins and carbs that are in the form of halogens, acids and bases. Here are some of the reactions that take place at cooking temperature with heat acting as a catalyst:

ALUMINUM (In Stainless Steel & Aluminum Cookware):
With oxygen: aluminum oxide 4Al(s) + 3O2(g) = 2Al2O3(s)
With halogens:
2Al(s) + 3Cl2(l) → 2AlCl3(s)
2Al(s) + 3Br2(l) → Al2(s)
2Al(s) + 3I2(l) → Al2I6(s)
With nitrogen: 2Ti(s) + N2(g) = TiN(s)
With water: Ti(s) + 2H2O(g) = TiO2(s) + 2H2(g)
With oxygen:
2Cu(s) + O2(g) → 2CuO(s),
2Cu(s) + O2(g) → 2CuO(s)
With halogens:
Cu(s) + Cl2(g) → CuCl2(s) [yellow-brown],
Cu(s) + Br2(g) → CuBr2(s) [black]
With oxygen: 2Ni(s) + O2(g) → 2NiO(s),
Ni(s) + Cl2(g) → NiCl2(s) [yellow]
Ni(s) + Br2(g) → NiBr2(s) [yellow]
Ni(s) + I2(g) → NiI2(s) [black]
Ni(s) + H2SO4(aq) → Ni2+(aq) + SO4 2-(aq) + H2(g),
With halogens:
Ni(s) + Cl2(g) → NiCl2(s) [yellow],
Ni(s) + Br2(g) → NiBr2(s) [yellow],
Ni(s) + I2(g) → NiI2(s) [black]

These metal toxins then accumulate in the body organs, tissues and blood. If this goes on for a long time, they become the foundation for many health problems ranging from minor illnesses to dangerous diseases. Also, the immune system is compromised and doesn’t fight diseases efficiently.

Moreover, metals damage the delicate nutrients; try touching a metal pan five minutes into heating, it burns tissues and leaves a scar. Same thing happens to the nutrients in food – the harsh heat destroys by dissolving the nutrients. To make matters worse, water-soluble nutrients evaporate as steam, further depleting the nutritional value of food. What’s left is food with toxins lacking in nutritive value.

If you really want to cook healthy, the first thing you must do is use a healthy cookware made of a healthy material – A material that is 100% non-toxic and also keeps the nutrients intact is perfect for making healthy cookware. MEC’s pure-clay™ is one such material. The idea of using pure-clay is inspired by the historical methods of making cookware from clay.

Pure-clay is the only material known to be naturally inert and scientifically proven for making healthy cookware. It doesn’t leach anything into food while cooking. Besides being non-reactive, MEC’s pure-clay pots preserve the delicate nutrients in food by their unique far-infrared heat that penetrates deep into each grain and is distributed evenly and thoroughly.

Pure-clay is not to be confused with glazed clayware, terracotta or ceramics as unlike the latter, no chemicals are used in manufacturing pure-clay cookware. An impressive 4.6 rating in Google reviews and a number of satisfied customers stand witness to the health benefits of using pure-clay cookware. “They are fantastic. I love them much and enjoy cooking. Having healthy cookware is such a blessing for me.“, says Marina — a healthy cook who is a fan of MEC’s pure-clay cookware.

To get familiar with truly healthy cooking, head over to MEC and find a healthy pure-clay cookware for your kitchen.


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