MEC’s Pure-Clay Pots: Healthier and Faster Slow Cookers

A conventional slow cooker (also known as a crock pot) consists of a pot made of metal or ceramic that is used for cooking foods like soups, stews, and meats slowly for long periods of time. Slow cooking is considered healthy and convenient, especially for those who are busy all day and would prefer to have their food ready as soon as they reach home in the evening. But what if you could make your slow cooking healthier and a lot faster? Keep reading to know how! 

Miriam’s Earthen Cookware is a company in the market today making cooking pots from the safest raw material – 100% tested, pure-clay.  Not only is food cooked in it healthier than conventional crock pots but also greatly reduce cooking time. Recipes that take around 6-8 hours in a slow cooker are cooked in just 40-50 minutes in medium heat or less – all thanks to the unique far-infrared heat generated by the walls of this natural raw material. By reducing cooking time, they also protect delicate nutrients that get damaged due to long hours of cooking.  

Finally something absolutely healthy on the market! I used to love slow cookers but there was too much of lead leaking into my food.“, says Vanessa, on a google review who has found a healthier way of slow cooking with MEC’s pure-clay pots. “Miriam cookware is AMAZING!! The food that I cook in the 3 pots I bought from her is delicious and absolutely healthy. On top of it, Miriam have great warranty and great customer service.” She concludes. 

Also, MEC’s pure-clay pots are excellent heat retainers. Unlike conventional crock machine that needs to run on low temperatures to keep food warm, they can serve this purpose by retaining heat naturally for a long time even after the stove is turned off.

MEC’s pure-clay pots are made from tested and certified pure-clay without using chemicals, glaze or enamels. They are 100% non-toxic and inert, so they don’t leach toxins into food while cooking.

Food (a biochemical entity) consists of water, nutrients, vitamins & minerals, proteins, and carbs that are in the form of halogens, acids, and bases. At cooking temperatures, all metals break into ions and react with these halogens, acids, and bases while heat acts as a catalyst. These metals assimilate with food and accumulate in organs and cells. If this continues over a long period of a time, serious health problems may arise. 

Conventional ceramic cookware made from ceramic clay, porcelain, stoneware and the glazes and enamels used for coating are a composition of different chemicals [like Cadmium, Lead, Petalite (Lithium)], oxides and metals. They also leach toxins into food while cooking, even at low heat. 

But MEC’s pure-clay pots neither leach metal ions into food nor contain harmful chemicals that may contaminate food in any other way. They are the healthiest and best slow cookers available in the market. Head over to MEC to get a pure-clay pot for your kitchen and try this healthier and faster way of cooking all your meals.

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