Cooking with a Pressure Cooker: Forced or Coaxed pressure? 

Pressure cooker is known to be the ‘ace’ of all kitchens. A number of dishes are typically cooked in it like lentils, soaked dry beans, vegetables, and meat. These dishes usually take a long time to cook but their cooking time is greatly reduced with the pressure cooker.

A conventional pressure cooker consists of a pot made of metal such as Aluminum or Stainless Steel. It has a lid with locking mechanism that covers it perfectly and doesn’t let the steam go out. The food is forced to cook with steam pressure and heat, which reduces the cooking time but with certain consequences.

This extreme pressure destroys the delicate nutritional cells in food, leaving food nutritionally depleted.  Also, when the steam is released from the vent (this has to be done before opening the lid), essential water-soluble nutrients are lost in the steam. This is why the food cooked is so smashed and mushy.  But this is not all, things that go under the hood are even more worrisome.

At such high temperature, the metal body of the pot leach in ions and food being a biochemical entity reacts with them. Some of these metals are pretty harmful and their prolonged ingestion with food causes many chronic illnesses like Diabetes and Alzheimer. So you can see, how harmful a conventional pressure cooker can be to your food and your family’s health.

Now the question is – is there a healthy alternative? Luckily, there is.

A pressure cooker made of pure-clay is a 100% safe and healthy alternative and serves the same purpose. There are absolutely no toxins in pure-clay to contaminate food. They come with steam locker lids that do not let the steam go out. So the steam settles naturally over the food leaving the water soluble nutrients intact. Also, steam builds up gradually inside the pot and doesn’t force the food to cook with high heat and steam pressure. Instead, it coaxes the food to cook and there is no substantial increase in cooking time.

Besides, pure clay pots are easy to clean and work with. They can work both in the oven and on the stove top. To add this, the design is a lot simpler with only two parts to work with – a pot and a lid, no rubber rings, vent pipes, pressure regulators, overpressure plugs etc.

Now, the important question is – where can you get them from? That’s easy.

Miriam’s Earthen Cookware has been working for years to bring 100% tested healthy clay cookware to your families. The raw material they use is pure-clay which is scientifically proven to be safe and healthy. They have done vast research on the subject which is evident from their detailed blog posts. You can read them here:

While you are on their website, don’t forget to check out their pure-clay pots and cookware. You never know which one might suit your needs.

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