How Choosing Non-Toxic Pots & Pans affects the health of your Food?

The answer is simple, we buy NON-TOXIC cookware to prevent dangerous chemicals and metals from entering food while cooking! Buying organic food items by itself does not guarantee healthy and non-toxic food because once you cook that food in your nonstick, metal, glazed or enameled pot/pan they become contaminated from elements constantly leaching from these reactive cookware.

Not sure if you believe this? try this simple test for leaching from cookware:

Ingredients needed:

3-4 cups of water.

2 tbsp. of baking soda

The pots you want to test

—Boil 2-3 cups of water in any pot, when it starts boiling add 2 tsp of baking soda   Boil for 5 more mins. Turn stove off.

—Wait till cool enough to taste then taste the water (take a sip).  If you taste metals, that’s what you’re eating! If water has a rubber/paint taste it’s the chemicals from enamel/glaze.

As a control, stir 2 tsp of baking soda to 1 glass of water take a sip — you will taste just the baking soda.

Non-toxic & safe cookware should not allow chemicals to seep into your food or destroy nutrients either.  Traditional metal and ceramic cookware cook with a harsh form of heat that quickly destroys the nutritive cells in food AND let’s all the steam evaporate letting water soluble nutrients leave the pot. Why buy those great organic beets and potatoes if all their water soluble vitamins and minerals will go up in steam?

When cooking with pots and pans made from 100% natural material such as pure-clay the food will retain its nutritional value. How is this possible? First pure clay cooks with far infrared heat which is a gentler heat that doesn’t damage nutritional cells in the food.  Secondly, pure clay helps to naturally condense and lock in steam keeping the nutrients in the food intact.

Best of all cookware made from 100% Pure-clay is completely inert.  In other words, it does not leach any chemicals or metals into your food, it is non-reactive to the food cooking in the pot.
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When we think of our health we think of the food we eat and try to avoid pesticides, additives (such as sweeteners, artificial colors) and chemicals (preservatives).  How about when you purchase your cookware?  Do you ask what goes into this pot? What additives or chemicals are used in its production? How does its production affect the environment?

These are important questions whose answers determine the purity, nutritional value and health of your food.

Miriams Earthen Cookware is an All-american company that works with a strong desire to make healthy cookware for their consumers.  They are America’s 1st pure clay cookware makers.  All their pots and pans are individually handmade and hand finished without the use of any chemicals, additives or toxins.  Their mission is to provide to the consumer, a 100% healthy & green alternative to cooking that has no metals, toxins & other chemical contaminants. Using their core ingredient 100% nutrient-rich clay, they make cooking pots & pans that are modern in design, versatile in use and with the best quality and finish for great tasting, extremely nutritious food.

Please take a few minutes to browse through the pages of their site to learn more about this fascinating and timeless method of cooking that’s very good for you and the planet:

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