Choosing the Right Dutch Oven — Which one?

best dutch ovenWhile it may seem like a mere pot to some, the Dutch oven is a versatile piece of cookware.  One can cook a myriad of meals ranging from oatmeal, soups/stews, fried foods to roast meats and breads. While these are all great uses of a Dutch oven, does it have other benefits? Is there a Dutch oven that can cook healthier meals and is kind to the environment?

The simple answer to this question is yes, there is a Dutch oven that cooks without destroying food nutrients and its composition and manufacture is eco-friendly.  This amazing vessel is a Pure Clay Dutch oven.  Pure Clay, unlike ceramics and other stone and earthenware is made from clay that is carefully selected, harvested and tested to insure its purity.

The pots are then hand made on the potter’s wheel and air dried. There is no mass production of the cookware which means there is no pollution of the air or water making the manufacture of these items 100% eco-friendly.

They’re Naturally Non-stick

Pure clay cookware has a semi-porous surface making it naturally nonstick  so there’s no need to add extra fats such as butter or oil.

Their Design Locks Steam Inside

The lid of the pure clay Dutch oven is especially important as it designed to lock in steam.  Many vitamins and nutrients found in food are water soluble, so when steam escapes the pot when cooking the vitamins leave with it. By retaining the steam inside the Dutch oven keeps the nutrients where they belong (in the food).

Cooks with Far-infrared Heat — Unique To Pure-clay

Another unique attribute that differentiates it from conventional cookware, it cooks with a different form of heat. Pure clay cooks with far infrared heat which is gentler and does not damage the nutritional cells in food. By sealing in vitamin and mineral rich steam while cooking with a heat that preserves the nutritional cells in food one can see how a Pure Clay dutch oven will enhance the health value of their meals!

Gets Better with Use

There is one more great trait that pure clay possesses, its ability to improve over time. Much like cast iron pure clay becomes “seasoned” once it is used over a period of time. Once seasoned the pure clay dutch oven will come even more non-stick, cook foods faster and become easier to clean and dry.

So when you’re on the lookout for a new Dutch oven or any piece of cookware for that matter remember the best choice that enhances your food and is kind to the earth is a pure-clay dutch oven.

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